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    1. 經典案例

      Classic case

      Classic case


      The car seat assembly line is one of the Jacki Tongchuang Technology Development Co., the company's flagship product, it is also known as the plate chain or chain conveyor, conveyor according to the weight can be divided into light chain and heavy chain plate line plate line. Light chain plate line is mainly used in food, beverage, tobacco and other industries, the chain plate with plastic chain plate, stainless steel chain plate for choice; heavy chain plate line is mainly used in electrical appliances, casting iron, conveying heavy workpieces, the chain plate with a cold plate (Galvanized) or stainless steel for choice.

      In 2016 September the company and Thailand Johnson company signed and sent to Thailand 3 "front seat production line, this is our first step abroad, gave the whole company unlimited, in more effort was completed in mid December, sent to Thailand, Thailand has been recognized by the company

      A silent house for sound insulation testing device manufacturing workshop design testing requirements of the products, sound-absorbing processing in sound insulation room, making it a small low noise test room, some small products inside, such as precision instruments, motors, transformers, acoustic noise test.

      In 2016 the company and the "steam research center" cooperation, to provide a number of quiet room, get the other party's great affirmation

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