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    1. 企業文化




      Our philosophy is integrity, quality, collaboration, efficiency, dedication.

      Good faith is sincere, honest, loyal, honest, is to trust, faith, trust, reputation, it is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises.

      Quality is the result of excellence, excellent products, customers are very satisfied with the attitude and actively require cooperation behavior. The management of the enterprise always maintain the quality standard, which is the necessary condition, and its relativity and time, to keep in good state to technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation and management innovation.

      Cooperation is the fundamental guarantee for enterprise survival. The cooperation work must start from the following six aspects: to have a correct understanding of themselves and others; to learn empathy thinking; to fully understand the importance and function of their own position, should have a strong sense of responsibility; to have the idea of a chess game and team consciousness; mutual help, mutual cooperation and solidarity the common struggle; to properly handle the relationship between the enterprise and the enterprise, individual and organization, superiors and subordinates, local and global, production and auxiliary department.

      High efficiency is high speed effect, high quality effect, high level of benefit. It is the purpose and life of the enterprise. It should have a strong sense of time, tell the time to reduce the cost; improve economic accounting, this is the basic requirement of the enterprise; we must resolutely implement the rules and regulations, it is important to ensure that the work well; incentive mechanism is the necessary power.

      Dedication is the enterprise development and growth of additives and power. Is a kind of selfless dedication and self sacrifice. Dedication can not be based on the return, and dedication is often rewarded.

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