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    1. 總經理致辭

      General Manager Speech

      General Manager Speech


      Dear friends and partners:

      How do you do!

      Our company from the establishment to now experienced the hardships, also harvest the joy of success, from Startup to now become the leader of Tianjin in the automation industry, along with blood and sweat paved the road of struggle, set up "to keep pace with the times, innovation, the spirit of unremitting self-improvement" basis, form a set of management system, values and operating mechanism, create a dare to fight tough to win the war staff. We thank the community support for Jacki and create love, thanks to the hard work of all employees in various positions seriously!

      The vast sea, thousands of boat racing. We are in the competition and development, opportunities and challenges of the environment full of confidence; we down-to-earth unremitting pursuit, the foundation took the steady development of the enterprise, each person in the life and work of humanity and wisdom, this is our wealth, our value is more. We provide quality products for every piece of power and faith for customers, so that our partners and we are more confident for the future.

      Excellent ideas from the excellent corporate culture, "create first-class enterprises, create first-class performance, to provide customers with first-class products and services", is the essence of our corporate culture. To create a fair competition and meritocracy system, is the core support of enterprise development. We are willing to work for the majority of young people to provide excellent working environment and fully display their talents on the stage, let people realize the value of life have both ability and political integrity, and jointly create a better future, and jointly promote the greater development of enterprises.

      The road to development in the future, we will continue to adhere to the "technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation and management innovation" approach, adhere to the "integrity, dedication, cooperation, quality and efficient" business philosophy, integrity is our foundation, innovation is our spirit, to provide customers with continuous improvement the first-class product is our service tenet, continuous pursuit of first-class quality and service, to create a warm and open, sincere cooperation, pioneering and enterprising and win-win atmosphere, we sincerely welcome friends from all walks of the society to create Jacki, common development.

      However, in the future, is filled with a thousand regrets. In the face of fierce competition today, hope and difficulties are intertwined, opportunities and challenges, we have honed dare Ganpin staff, has accumulated over the years of the formation of innovative mechanisms and systems, there is a growing resource reserves, competent technical personnel, will create the Jieke high spirited attitude and new style, to seize the the opportunity, challenge, accelerate development, create brilliant!

      General manager: Sun Jipeng

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