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    1. 關于我們

      ABOUT US

      ABOUT US


      Tianjin Jieke Tongchuang science and technology development limited company dedicated to the field of industrial automation, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R &amp; D, manufacturing and marketing in one of the. The company since its inception in 2009, always adhere to the "integrity, quality, cooperation, efficiency," business philosophy; adhere to technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation, management innovation and the policy of insurance companies and product quality standards in different historical periods; relying on the professional level in the field of automation, strong technical force, the results of excellence work, excellent quality assurance system and improve the quality of pre-sale, sale, customer service and technical support services, to provide high-quality products for the development of many industries, automotive electronics, mobile phone, food and medicine, and tailored solutions and professional services, in order to ensure its competitive advantage in the market, a number of well-known enterprises recognized and become a long-term partner, so as to effectively enhance their core competitiveness and rapid development. Quality products, first-class service, reasonable prices, timely delivery, is our commitment to the user, to maximize the user needs is our greatest wish. Sincerely welcome people from all walks of life inquiries, sincere cooperation, join hands to create brilliant future.

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