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      • 2016-12-06
        Execute purchase orders and procurement contracts, the implementation of specific procurement work; responsible for the production of purchase orders, confirm and arrange the shipment and tracking arrival date;
      • Responsible for the daily inspection work of various processing parts for full inspection or sampling;
      • The basic operation of computer programming knowledge, cutting line cutting machine working principle and line cutting direction selection principle
      • 2016-12-06
        To understand the relationship between the lathe parts and their connections, use the lathe correctly and eliminate the faults, and be familiar with the oil hole. The correct use of lathe accessories and tools, cutting tools and measuring tools
      • 2016-12-06
        Be familiar with the milling process, be able to operate the milling machine skillfully.
      • According to the drawings construction work, guide the workers to identify and implement the drawings, to guide the equipment assembly process of technical problems, coordinate with other departments to solve technical problems on site.
      • Correct execution of the process flow, the selection of the general workpiece marking surface and the installation of the workpiece on the line.
      • 2016-12-06
        According to the requirements of the drawings and wiring, power distribution line, power distribution cabinet and line.
      • Preparation of product process documents, the development of material consumption, according to process requirements, design process assembly and is responsible for process tooling verification and improvement work
      • Independently design the electrical system to realize the automation of the equipment; electrical drawing, electrical parts selection. Proficient in PLC programming, combined with the equipment in the process of drawing electrical principle diagram
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