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    1. Introduction to the process flow of automobile engine assembly line

      Column:Important news Time:2017-01-18

      The automobile engine is the heart of the automobile, and its manufacturing technology is the concentrated embodiment of the vehicle manufacturing technology. The process flow of automobile engine assembly line has a decisive influence on the product quality. Therefore, the automobile manufacturers in order to improve the assembly quality and production efficiency, we must analyze the whole process of automobile engine assembly line process.

      The car engine assembly line throughout the process as follows:

      1, the cylinder bottom face, cylinder block, crankshaft, camshaft feeding, cleaning, hair dryer, diesel engine type, label printing.  

      2, the cylinder turned 180 degrees, the number confirmed.  

      3, the cylinder after the bottom of the cylinder face up.  

      Sunvage, 4, relief cover, the upper and lower shaft tile installation, installation of piston cooling nozzle insert into the camshaft key, installing camshaft thrust piece, dipping into the crankshaft, key.  

      5, into the front pin, into the front end of the main oil bowl plug, install the front loaded stud, right end plug, install the main bearing cover and the crankshaft thrust plate and tighten.  

      6, into the back into the main oil passage pin, rear bowl plug, rear oil seal seat installed, oil pump, gear cooling nozzle (install turbocharger oil return connector).  

      7, oil cylinder hole, into the piston, the connecting rod cap and tighten the connecting rod bolts, interior parts inspection.  

      8, the installation of diesel engine front end plate, installing camshaft gear, an idler shaft and an idler wheel installation, installation of crankshaft gears, the front cover (including front cover glue).  

      9, install the filter assembly, oil pan coating, oil pan and tighten the installation.  

      10, built-in validation, installation and installation of shock absorber, oil dipstick tube installation tappet, diesel engine model and number of India, to record the engine support.  

      11, bar, rod, decomposition after cleaning installation of connecting rod, piston, piston, block weight heating piston pin, piston ring cylinder turning 180 degrees above the cylinder upward.  

      12, installed into the rear end plate, the rear end of the crankshaft bushing, install flywheel, install the clutch plate and pressure plate, filter base and filter installation, installation of generator bracket.  

      13, installation machine cooler, installation of pump assembly, installation of vacuum pump assembly, installation of vacuum pump lubricating oil pipe and installation of fuel injection pump assembly.  

      14, the installation of fuel injection pump assembly, installation angle measurement tools, adjust the fuel supply advance angle of fuel supply, installation, installation of fuel injection pump rear screw injection pump gear pump, the installation of VE oil return connector, cylinder pad, cylinder head gasket installation.  

      15, the lifting cylinder head, cylinder head bolt tightening.  

      16, installation of rocker arm assembly, adjusting valve clearance, rocker shaft oil.  

      17, detection of valve clearance and installation apparatus, install rocker cover assembly, installation of fuel injector assembly, installation of small return pipe assembly.  

      18, install generator assembly, installation of V belt, install the exhaust pipe, exhaust pipe installation installation of water heaters, heat insulation cover joint.  

      19, installation of high pressure pipe, tighten the bolts, the thermostat injection pump front cover is provided with an air inlet pipe, glue, tighten.  

      20, install T/C to install the exhaust pipe, the exhaust wire is taken over by the wire on and installing T/C (booster), installation of T/C oil return hose, install T/C to install T/C inlet pipe, water inlet pipe and a return pipe, vacuum pump tube, install the exhaust pipe nozzle, a front baffle, baffle, rear mounted mounted exhaust support.  

      21, EGR valve, intake pipe and a protective cover installed, installed, installed respirator respirator hose, install EGR tube, lifting device, install dipstick idle install hydraulic joint, water leakage test, visual inspection.  

      22, the oil leakage, oil filling, visual inspection and engine assembly line line single special equipment: washing machine, marking machine, assembly line, single and double roller free flexible motor raceway tray, cylinder head, lift truck, turning machine, coating machine, combined machine, bolt tightening the outer ring of bearing vibration pressing machine, pressing machine, seal clearance measurement machine, guiding device, tighten the engine sealing performance testing machine, heating machine, piston assembly comprehensive performance test bench, torque calibration instrument, pneumatic wrench, assembly line

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